On this page you will find support documents to help you get the most from your property listing.

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Credits Guide

Please also take a moment to read our tips and advice:

Safety First

Please follow our steps for safe and successful Sale.

1. Check out similar property prices in your area so as you don't over/under value.

2. Print off some details to give your viewers (you can easily do that from your listing on the site)

3. Make sure when taking viewings you…

a) Never take viewings alone.

b) Never take a viewing unless you have a land line contact number.

c) Always confirm viewings by email.

d) Always ask that offers are given via email or in writing.

e) Always agree a timescale that you both adhere to.

f) Let solicitors take over after offer has been accepted.

4. Get efficiency test done.

REMEMBER - a property is the biggest and most expensive thing you will buy or sell so it needs to be dealt with in a professional and organised manner at all times!